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Color Packing Tape

  • Black Packing Tape

    Black Packing Tape

    Black packing tape Neutral and personalized sealing tape in 6 colors and different sizes, container shipping and prevention of cargo theft The black packing tape BOPP film is used as a substrate, and the BOPP film is subjected to high pressure corona treatment. After the...

  • High Temperature Tape

    High Temperature Tape

    After the high temperature corona treatment, the BOPP original film is subjected to high-pressure corona treatment, and the surface of the BOPP is roughened. The glue is applied to the surface to form a parent roll, and then cut into small rolls of different specifications by...

  • Red Packing Tape

    Red Packing Tape

    The red packing tape will pinch the scotch tape and then pull it open to remove the glue from one side, and you can see the purity and transparency of the original film. Red packing tape supplies neutral and individual sealing tape in up to 6 colors and sizes The red packing...

  • Heat Resistant Tape

    Heat Resistant Tape

    Heat resistant tape anti-retraction - the sealing tape can stretch along the curved surface without retraction and disengagement - the paint will be tightly fastened on the backing of the sealing tape Heat resistant tape is a acrylate glue, also known as pressure sensitive...

  • Colored Shipping Tape

    Colored Shipping Tape

    Colored shipping tape Adhesives can stick things because their own molecules form bonds with the molecules of the object to be joined. This bond can firmly bond the molecules together. Re-wet kraft paper adhesive tape for colored shipping tape box. Technical requirements,...

  • Personalised Packaging Tape

    Personalised Packaging Tape

    Personalised packaging tape is suitable for general product packaging, sealing and bonding, gift packaging, etc. Color: various printing tapes according to customer requirements Personalised packaging tapeBOPP tape is an industrial product, BOPP film mother roll is the...

  • Colored Moving Tape

    Colored Moving Tape

    The colored moving tape is made of polypropylene film (BOPP). It can be coated with any color tape according to customer's requirements. It can be dried by applying pressure sensitive adhesive to self-adhesive tape. Colored moving tape sealing tape features: high tensile...

  • Coloured Parcel Tape

    Coloured Parcel Tape

    The coloured parcel tape sealing machine specifies the type and basic parameters of the tape sealing machine, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules and marking, packaging and storage requirements. Coloured parcel tape is suitable for biaxially oriented...

  • Printed Parcel Tape

    Printed Parcel Tape

    Printed parcel tape - the sealing tape can be easily adapted to sharp curves. Thin – the sealing tape strip does not leave thick edge deposits. Printed parcel tape anti-solvent - the backing material of the sealing tape prevents solvent penetration and crack resistance - the...

  • Brown Packing Tape

    Brown Packing Tape

    The brown packing tape country does not have a perfect standard for the tape industry, only one industry standard for sealing Brown packing tape High quality and high performance tapes perform well even in extreme weather conditions. The brown packing tape is sticky and fast,...

  • Bopp Self Adhesive Tape

    Bopp Self Adhesive Tape

    Bopp self adhesive tape is for the purpose of marking and masking. The color of the colored tape is the color of the glue. Bopp self adhesive tape is a BOPP biaxially oriented polypropylene film as a substrate, which is uniformly coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive...

  • Decorative Packing Tape

    Decorative Packing Tape

    The decorative packing tape is a tape that is used daily after the high-pressure corona on the basis of the BOPP original film and the surface is roughened and then glued. Decorative packing tape is a kind of polymer active substance, and the temperature has certain influence...

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