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There is a large demand for sealing tape industry TOP3 list Mar 13, 2018

Top1: Express logistics, a common news report about how many times a year's domestic courier-consumed tape can surround the earth. Even if you don’t read the news, look at the courier parcels in your life and wrap a lot of packing tape. With this, you can't mistake the express industry as top1.

Top2: In manufacturing, industrialized society, large-scale production of products has a very beautiful and beautiful outer packaging. Many of these outer packagings need to be applied to sealing tape sealing. Of course, these sealing tapes are generally custom printed tapes. Can reflect the product's specifications and corporate image.

Top3: E-commerce shop, a double 11 a certain treasure can sell hundreds of billions of products, these products are almost all need to use sealing tape. The third position in the list of sealing tapes is that it cannot run away.

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