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What is the ratio of film and glue in the sealing tape Mar 23, 2018

Everyone knows that sealing glue is made of pressure sensitive glue on the bopp film. What is the ratio of film and glue in the sealing glue?


Our common sealing glue thickness is generally from about 35u-70u, this thickness basically covers all the sealing glue thickness, and different thickness sealing glue it needs film and glue thickness is not the same.

Common film thickness is 18um-42um, the thickness of the general film will be thicker than the thickness of the glue, such as 50um thick sealing glue, the thickness of the film is about 28um or so, of course, some require more viscous adhesion can be The glue is thicker, but it is not as thick as possible. If the proportion of glue is too thick, the production is prone to problems, and the sealing glue can easily break. The proportion of film and glue in the sealing glue is probably like this, basically similar in size.