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The Characteristics Of BOPP Jumbo Roll Jul 18, 2018

The BOPP Jumbo roll is mainly based on  high-pressure corona treatment, and the surface of one side is roughened, and then the water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive is uniformly applied by heating. The composition is butyl ester), and then according to customer requirements to form a different thickness of the adhesive layer.

   The features of BOPP Jumbo Roll: High quality and high performance sealing tape mother roll can maintain its stability even in extreme weather conditions. The sealing tape mother roll has excellent adhesion and initial adhesion. It has good adhesive properties, high tensile strength, light weight and low price. The sealing tape is easy to use.

   usage: The jumbo roll is generally applicable to the shipping of containers and the prevention of goods theft and illegal opening. Sealing tape mother rolls are widely used in carton sealed packaging, warehouse sealing stocks, used in product sealing and fixing, sealing transparent packaging and sealing plastic paper products.